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Truth has Come and Falsehood has Vanished [Sooratul-Israa', 17:81]

Article: Do Not Give Your Charity To Ikhwaani Organizations They Will Use It to Support Themselves - Shaykh Dr. Muhammad ibn ‘Umar Baazmool

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A plea for charity was being circulated among the various social media groups for our Rohingya brothers and sisters that are being oppressed in Myanmar; however, the organizations that were requesting the help on behalf of the Rohingya Muslims are known to be affiliated with the deviant and corrupt group known as al-Ikhwān al-Muslimīn (The Muslim Brotherhood). Many of the unsuspecting and good willed laymen from among the people of the Sunnah were encouraged and inclined to donate to these groups. The brothers at MPUBS, being fully aware of the dubious nature of these Ikhwānī groups, sought clarity on this matter from the noble Shaykh Dr. Muḥammad ibn ‘Umar Bāzmūl (حفظه الله):

QuestionAs-salāmu ʿAlaykum Shaykhannā, here in Trinidad there are some Ikhwānī (Muslim Brotherhood) groups that are collecting food items and money for the Muslims in Rohingya. Is it permissible for the Salafīs to aid them in this, whether by (donating) food or money? Also, if it is not impermissible, how else can we aid them since most of the groups helping are Ikhwānī? May Allāh bless you and increase you in your knowledge.

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