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Event: LIVE Tele-Lecture - Verily Allah Will Never Change The Condition of A People Unless They Change What Is Within Themselves by Shaykh 'Abdullah an-Najmi

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Bismillah wa -Alhamdulillah wa Salaatu wa Salaam 'alaa Rasulillah 'amma ba'd

The Noble Shaykh 'Abdullah an-Najmi (May Allah Preserve Him) from the mashayikh of Jeezan, Saudi Arabia will deliver a LIVE tele-lecture with Muwahhideen Publications on Saturday 18th 2013. The Shaykh is a student of Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmi (rahimahullah) and is highly recommended by Shaykh Rabee’ al-Madkhalee, Shaykh Zayd al-Madkhalee and others (May Allah Preserve Them). This event will be broadcast LIVE in Masjid Ibn 'Abbaas, Tobago, two masaajid in Trinidad, Masjid ul Khaleefah and Masjid us Sunnah, and five Masaajid in the U.S. Masjid Al-Bukhaari, Florida, Masjid Ibn 'Abbas, Georgia, Masjid Nur Allaah, New York, Masjid as-Sahabah, Ohio and Masjid Tawheed, Michigan.

This lecture event will be translated LIVE into English in shaa Allah.

Allah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) says in the Qur’aan,

For each (person), there are angels in succession, before and behind him. They guard him by the Command of Allah. Verily! Allah will not change the good condition of a people as long as they do not change their state of goodness themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allah). But when Allah wills a people's punishment, there can be no turning back of it, and they will find besides Him no protector. [Ra'd :11]

This ayah indicates that Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) does not change - out of His Justice and Wisdom - the good state of a people into a bad one or vice versa, unless they change what is in themselves. If they change their state of uprightness and integrity, Allah will change their state and overtake them with punishment, distresses, miseries, sterility, and other kinds of penalties, an exact recompense according to their evil crimes.

On the other hand, they may be in distress committing evils and sins, then repent to Allah regretfully and obey Him, so Allah changes their distress, dissension, adversity and poverty into prosperity, union, and welfare due to their good deeds and repentance to Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He). [Fatwas of Ibn Baaz  from Alifta.com]

Shaykh 'Abdullah an-Najmi (hafidhahullah) will lecture to us regarding this pertinent matter and by the Permission of Allah, we would all benefit and thus resolve to rectify our situations according to the Qur’aan and Sunnah with the understanding of our Pious Predecessors.

We ask Allah, the Changer of the hearts to keep our hearts firm upon His Deen.

Tune in via PalTalk in the Room: Muwahhideen Publications


WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1251910-allah-will-never-change-the-condition-by-shaykh-abdullah-an-najmi


LIVE Radio: www.mpubs.org/live

InshaaAllah ta'alaa

Wa Billahi Tawfeeq

Wa SallAllahu wa Sallaama wa Barak 'alaa Nabiyanna Muhammad wa 'alaa 'Alyhi wa Sahbyhi wa Sallam

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