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Event: Bite Size Lessons in Imaam Bukhari's Adab al-Mufrad taught by Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis

Daily 20131216 AHBD

Bismillah wa -Alhamdulillah wa Salaatu wa Salaam 'alaa Rasulillah 'amma ba'd

Our noble brother and teacher, Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis (May Allah Preserve Him) will conduct a series of Bite Size Lessons in the explanation of the book Adab al-Mufrad by Imaam al-Bukhaaree (May Allah Have Mercy upon him). The class commences on Monday 16th December 2013 and will continue every Monday through Thursday, by the Permission of Allah.

This daily class will be broadcast LIVE at Masjid Ibn ‘Abbaas, Crown Point, Tobago. And Online via several mediums

We ask Allah to cause us to benefit from the knowledge disseminated in these sessions and that He grants us success to implement what we have learnt.

Tune in via PalTalk in the Room: MPUBS Classes


WizIQ: http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/1547992-bite-size-lessons-in-adab-al-mufrad-by-abu-hakeem-bilaal-davis


LIVE Radio: Classes.Mpubs.org


Mixlr: MPUBS Classes


Conference Line in The US: (267) 507-0240 PIN: 617697

InshaaAllah ta'alaa

Wa Billahi Tawfeeq

Wa SallAllahu wa Sallaama wa Barak 'alaa Nabiyanna Muhammad wa 'alaa 'Alyhi wa Sahbyhi wa Sallam

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