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Article: The Advice Of Some Of The Mashaayikh Concerning Prayer Schedules In Ramadhaan - Shaykh 'AbdulQaadir al-Junayd, Shaykh Saalim Baamihriz, Shaykh 'Adil Mansoor, and Shaykh Badr al-Badr al-'Anazy

Written by mpubs.org manager 2. Posted in Fiqh

MPlogo redThe following question was posed to a number of Mashaayikh regarding the use of prayer schedules:

Our dear Shaykh - May Allāh bless you - some brothers have initiated doubt concerning the prayer timings in their localities.  Thus, some of them think that he can eat and drink until Fajr is clear to him in his house (by looking out of the window to see it) and some say that the timings like that of Umm al-Qurā are not to be relied upon, noting that most of them are in the West and live in cities and do not know how to distinguish the commencement of the prayer times, so what is your advice regarding this Bārak Allāh fīk?

Shaykh ‘Abdul Qādir al-Junayd, Shaykh Sālim Bāmiḥriz, , Shaykh ‘Ādil Manṣūr and Shaykh Badr al-Badr al-‘Anazī  answer...