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Audio: LIVE Weekly Online Class :The Pillars of Eeman Series - The 3rd Pillar - Part 1: Ahl Sunnah's Belief in The Books Sent By Allah by Shaykh 'AbdulWasee' as-Sa'eedi

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Bismillaah wa -Alhamdulillaah wa Salaatu wa Salaam 'alaa Rasulillaah 'amma ba'd

On Saturday 2nd March 2013, our Shaykh ‘Abdul Wasee’ as-Sa’eedi (May Allaah Preserve Him) continued with MPUBS' online lecture series entitled “The Pillars of Eemaan”, with the 3rd Pillar, The Belief in The Books. Shaykh ‘Abdul Wasee’ is a student of Ash-Shaykh Al-Allaamah Al-Muhaddith, The Imaam of YemenAbu ‘Abdur Rahmaan Muqbil Ibn Hadee al-Waadi’ee (rahimahullah); he is based in Mafraq Hubaish,Yemen and is also a student of our Shaykh 'Abdul'Azeez ibn Yahya al-Bura'ee (hafidhahullaah). This event will be broadcast LIVE in Masjid Ibn 'Abbaas, Tobago, two masaajid in Trinidad, Masjid ul Khaleefah and Masjid us Sunnah, and six Masaajid in the U.S. Masjid Al-Bukhaari, Florida, Masjid Ibn 'Abbas, Georgia, Masjid Uthaymeen, New Jersey, Masjid Nur Allaah, New York, Masjid as-Sahabah, Ohio and Masjid Tawheed, Michigan.

This lecture event will be translated LIVE into English inshaaAllaah.

Pillars of Eemaan Series: - Ahl Sunnah's Belief In The Books Sent By Allaah Classes

Class # 01 - 02/03/2013 - Introduction to The Belief in The Books & The Types of People in Regard to This Belief - Listen/Download 48:03 mins.


In the well-known hadeeth of Jibreel, the angel Jibreel (‘alayhis salaam) asked the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) to tell him about eemaan (belief). The Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said,

“It is to believe in Allaah, His angels, His books, His messengers and the Last Day. And to believe in the qadar, the good of it and the evil of it.” [Muslim]

So to believe in the revealed books is from the six pillars of eemaan that is compulsory for every Muslim to have faith in.

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (rahimahullaah) stated.

“And belief in the [Revealed] Books comprises four things:

Firstly: That we believe that Allaah, the Most High, sent down books upon the Messengers, and that they are from Allaah. However, we do not believe that the books [currently] present in the possession of these nations are the [very] books that are from Allaah, because they are distorted, changed. However, we believe the original revealed Book [sent down to] the Messenger is truly from Allaah.

Secondly: That we believe in the correctness of what is in them (i.e. the revealed books in general) of information (akhbaar), like (for example) the information in the Qur'aan and the information in what has not undergone distortion or change from the previous books.

Thirdly: That we believe in what they contain of rulings (ahkaam), when they (the rulings) do not oppose our Sharee'ah, [based] upon the [particular] viewpoint that the legislation of those who preceded us is also a legislation for us, and that is the truth.

Fourthly: That we believe in what we know of their names, such as "The Qur'aan" (the Recital), "the Tawrat" (the Torah), "the Injeel" (the Gospel), "the Zaboor (Scrolls) [of Dawud]”, "the Suhuf (Scrolls)" of Ibraaheem, and "the Suhuf (Scrolls)" of Moosaa.

And if a man was to say: I do not believe that there is a book called "Tawraat", then he is a disbeliever, because faith in Allaah comprises faith in the Books.” [Source: "Mu'jam at-Ta'reefaat wad-Dawaabit wat-Taqseemaat wal-Fawaa'id Fil-Musannafaat al-I'itqaadiyyah Lish-Shaykh Ibn al-Uthaymeen", pp. 94-95. Taken from www.aqidah.com]

Our Shaykh, ‘Abdul Wasee’ as-Sa’eedi  (hafidhahullaah) will enlighten us concerning the intricacies regarding the revealed Books and inform us of what it necessitates by bringing the relevant evidences from the Qur’aan and Sunnah.

We ask Allaah to increase us in beneficial knowledge and protect us from knowledge that does not benefit.

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InshaaAllaah ta'alaa

Wa Billaahi Tawfeeq

Wa SallAllaahu wa Sallaama wa Barak 'alaa Nabiyanna Muhammad wa 'alaa 'Alyhi wa Sahbyhi wa Sallam