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Ebook: Some Salafi Principles and Benefits Derived From The Treatise of Imaam al-Sijzee To The People of Zabeed Refuting Those Who Deny That Allaah's Speech Consists of Letters and Sound by Shaykh Khalid ibn Dahwee adh-Dhafeeree

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KHDH EB some salafi principles and benefits from the treatise of as sijzi PROMO

The following Ebook, translated by our brother Abū Afnān Muḥammad 'Abd Allāh (حفظه الله), with express permission from and compiled by Shaykh Khālid Ibn Ḍaḥwī al-Ẓafīrī (حفظه الله) who said:

"I have read this noble and profound treatise of al-Imām Abī Naṣr al-Sijzī (رحمه الله) in his refutation of those who deny (Allāh’s Speech consisting of) sound and letters. Indeed, I found that it comprises several foundational principles of Salafiyyah and immensely important principles related to methodology. Thus, I wanted to compile some of them so that the Sunnī may benefit from them and know that the Pious Predecessors traversed upon these principles for ages and advised (with adhering to them) until our era of today, especially since many of the People of Bid’ah of our time have caused confusion regarding these principles."  

~ An Excerpt from the Book ~

“Therefore, it is imperative that every claimant to the Sunnah be requested to provide an authentic narration for what he says. If he provides such, his truthfulness is known and his statement is accepted. If he is not able to narrate what he is saying from the Salaf, then it is known that he is a deviant innovator and does not deserve to be listened to or even debated regarding his statement.”

 ~ The Chapter Headings ~


The Author

   His Name and Lineage

   His Most Famous Shuyūkh or Teachers

   His Most Well-Known Students

   His Books

   His Death

   The Praise of the Scholars for Him

Some Foundational Principles and Benefits

1. Who Are the People of Sunnah?

2. From the Signs of the People of Bid’ah Is the Absence of Verifying Their Statements with Proofs from the Book and Sunnah

3. Whoever States That the Khabar Aḥād Does Not Necessitate Knowledge and Has Built His Methodology upon His Intellect Is an Innovator and Person of Bid’ah

4. The Scholar Describing Himself as Being from the People of Sunnah and That His Adversaries are the People of Bid’ah Is Not a Commendation of Himself and Is Not Dispraised

5. The People of Bid’ah Feign What (in Reality) They Do Not Believe Out of Deception and Treachery So as to Deceive Those Who Hold Them in High Estimation

6. It Is Not Said to a Person of Bid’ah ‘Imām’ Even If He Had an Immense Amount of Knowledge. Rather, It Is a Condition (for a Person to Be Called Imām) That He Adhered to and Followed the Methodology of the Salaf

7. Anytime the Person of Bid’ah Increases His Obscuring (the Reality of His Bid’ah) and Seeks to Get Close to the People of Sunnah, His Detriment Is More Severe Than the One Who Is from Those Who Are Outwardly People of Bid’ah

8. From the Signs of the People of Bid’ah Is Their Disparagement of the Scholars of the People of Sunnah

9. Debating the People of Bid’ah Entails Major Evils

10. There Is No Harm in Mentioning the Condition of the People of Bid’ah and Aspects of Their Deviance to Laymen So That They May be Cautious of Them

11. Every Person of Bid’ah Has an End in Which His Affair Is Exposed, Regardless of How Much He Tries to Conceal (His Deviancy), and This Is Contrary to the Affair of the People ofAthar (the People of Ḥadīth Narrations)

12. From the Plots of the People of Bid’ah Is Their Using Approaches That Agree with the People of Sunnah and They Praise Them (the People of Sunnah). They Declare That What Has Been Attributed to Them Is Untrue So That They Cause the People of Sunnah to Fall into to Their Trap

13. From the Methods of the People ofBid’ah in Diverting People from the Truth Is by Asserting That the People of Truth Disparage the Scholars and by Spreading Lies Against the People of Truth

14. The People of Bid’ah Are from the Imāms of Misguidance

15. The One Who Follows the Narrations Is Honoured and Appreciated Despite Him Being Young and Not of Noble Descent, and the One Who Opposes (the Sunnah) is Debased Despite Him Being Old and of Noble Descent

16. Being Cautious of Relying upon Every Book or Every Person and Warning from the Books of the People of Bid’ah, asWell as Refuting the One Who Says: “Take the Truth from Them and Leave the Falsehood"

17. From the Schemes of the People of Bid’ah Is to Hide behind Love for the Imāms of the Sunnah and Exploit the Latter’s Status So That the People Accept Their Bid’ah

18. Whoever Praises the People of Bid’ah, Commends Them and Their Status, in Addition to Disparaging the People of Sunnah, Then He Is a Person of Bid’ah Even If He Openly Displays the Sunnah and Salafiyyah

19. From the Methods of the People of Bid’ah in Diverting the People from the Scholars Is the Demeaning of Their Students and Distorting Their Image

20. Many of the People of Bid’ah Enter the Ranks of the People of Sunnah Intending to Misguide Them and Divert Them from the Sunnah

21. Excusing of the Sunnī Scholar Who Praises the Person of Bid’ah Because He Was Not Aware of His Methodology and Did Not Study His Views Is Not a Disparagement of Him

22. From the Means of Being Protected from Lethal Desires (and Bid’ah)

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