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Article: Why Does A Caucasian Student of Knowledge Refute the Nation of Islam? by Abu Ismaʿeel Mustafa George DeBerry

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The racist bigot, Shadīd Muḥammad made a preposterous and utterly disturbing statement which he regurgitated on social media against our noble brother Mūsá Richardson stating, “Why are you writing a refutation on the Nation of Islām, why don't you write a refutation on white supremacy?” Our brother Abū Ismaʿīl Muṣṭafá George rebuts this racially motivated speech, highlighting the many facets of of the fundamentals of Islām that Shadīd violates

Pivotal Quote

Shaykh Zayd continued to explain:

“Indeed, those who have been afflicted with the disease of partisanship and bigotry, are often found agreeing with their heads and leaders in truth and in falsehood. It is a clear and major error for a person to agree with a group or individual whether he is correct or incorrect. Rather, it is mandatory upon him to strictly adhere to the truth, and then follow its people. As for what is incorrect, it is mandatory upon him to reject it, detest it, and fight its people so that they accept the truth and act upon it, in addition to them detesting falsehood and rejecting it.”


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