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Article: Refutation of Those Who Say That Ahl al-Sunnah are Contradictory in Recommendation of People By Ash-Shaykh ‘Ubayd Ibn ‘Abd Allaah al-Jaabiree

Written by mpubs.org manager. Posted in Manhaj

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Our Shaykh and father ‘Ubayd Ibn ‘Abd Allāh al-Jābirī (حفظه الله) addresses the doubt that the people of desires use to attack the people of the sunnah.

[Excerpt]: Some people who have no understanding think that Ahl al-Sunnah contradict themselves in their tazkiyāt (praise and recommendation of people). For example, yesterday they praise a person and today they debase his status and expose him by refuting him and raising the curtains (i.e. expose him). This is a mistake; it is not contradiction.