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Clarification: For The One Who Warns Against Abu Khadeejah, Abu Hakeem and Salafi Publications, Bring Forth Your Evidences Or Please Keep Quiet And Leave Us Alone by Shaykh Hasan Ibn 'Abd Al-Wahhaab al-Banna

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MPlogo redQuestioner: There is a Salafī Student of Knowledge who has recently started warning against our brothers from Salafi Publications. Every time they visit us he tells the youth not to attend their lectures and says that Abū Khadījah and Abū Ḥakīm cause fitnah in every country they visit. He was asked on more than one occasion to sit with Abū Khadījah or Abū Ḥakīm in person when they visit and bring forth his grievances but he refused. He even says he will not sit with the brothers even in front of Shaykh Rabī’ or Shaykh ‘Ubayd, only in front of Shaykh ‘Abd Al-Muḥsin. Should we warn against this brother, as we have been patient against his harms for over a year now? What do you advise us yā Shaykh?

Shaykh Ḥasan Ibn ‘Abd Al-Wahhāb al-Bannā: Whoever is dong so, first and foremost, is weak. He is not upon pure Salafiyyah because Shaykh Rabī’ himself (حفظه الله) did not talk about Abū Khadījah or Abū Ḥakīm except with good; Shaykh ‘Ubayd did the same thing, he never talked about them except with good. So do we listen to the statements of the likes of Shaykh Rabī’ and Shaykh ‘Ubayd or do we listen to his statements? Who has more priority to be trusted and taken upon his opinion, the major scholars or so-and-so?

The Shaykh elaborates further in his answer...

Article: It Is Your Responsibility To Prevent Your Muslim Brother From Traveling To Join ISIS by Shaykh Fu'aad al-'Amree

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MPlogo redOn Tuesday 26th April 2016 our Noble Shaykh Fu’ād Ibn Sa’ūd al-‘Amrī delivered a LIVE Tele-Lecture with Muwahhideen Publications entitled, “Help Your Brother Whether He is the Oppressor or the Oppressed”. After the lecture the Shaykh was asked the following question.

Questioner: Some people say that if we know a Muslim who is going to travel to join ISIS in Syria, we cannot tell the kāfir authorities as this is betraying your Muslim brother to the kuffār. They say the lesser of the two evils is to allow him to go. Is this correct?

Shaykh Fu’ād al-‘Amrī(حفظه الله): This is a very important question. Helping your brother in this situation is informing the authorities because you are preventing your brother from joining the Khawārij, and this is one of the most dangerous things that a Muslim could ever do...

The Shaykh continues his answer... 

Article: ISIS Are Worse Than The Khawaarij of Old by Shaykh 'Ubayd al-Jaabiree

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MPlogo redOn Sunday 3rd April, 2016 our Noble Shaykh, al-‘Allāmah ‘Ubayd Ibn ‘AbdAllāh al-Jābirī (حفظه الله) delivered a LIVE Tele-Lecture entitled, “How Many Desire Good But Never Attain It” with Muwahhideen Publications as part of a One-Day Lecture Series, “ISIS Is The Head of The Khawārij In Our Time”. 

After the lecture the Shaykh was asked the following:

QuestionerShaykhanā there are those here in Trinidad who were with the Salafīs but now they support ISIS and encourage the youth to travel to Syria saying that ISIS has established the Khilāfah and they have the only Islāmic state that establishes the Sharī’ah on the earth today. They say that ISIS is NOT from the Khawārij and they do not posses the characteristics of the Khawārij and it is Western propaganda that makes them look this way. How do we respond to these doubts and what advice can you offer the Muslims here that are affected by these doubts and these instigators?

Shaykh ‘Ubayd  (حفظه الله): Give my salāms to the brothers and tell them to beware of these doubts and do not listen to those who promote ISIS. They lie, and ISIS are Khawārij to the point that they kill Muslims even in the masjid.

The Shaykh continues...