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Audio: It Is Optional For The Breastfeeding Woman To Fast and How She Should Pay The Fidyah by Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis

Written by mpubs.org manager. Posted in Ramadhaan

MpubsFlagLogoQuestion (a): Should the breastfeeding woman who fears for her baby try to fast a few days or should she take the concession for the month? She wants to fast some as she feels she is being deprived of the rewards. 

Answer (a): As mentioned in the āyah of fasting in Sūrah al-Baqarah, whoever is able to fast but wishes not to, should pay the fidyah of feeding a poor person. This fidyah is an allowance that occurred since the beginning of Islām when fasting was prescribed but optional. However, when it was later became abrogated and fasting became wājib, the fidyah was lifted and removed except for a certain number of people, from them the breastfeeding woman…

Question (b): Does she have to feed a poor person daily or can she give them enough groceries for a month?

Answer (b):Allāh has legislated the feeding of a poor person, and that feeding is best done by giving uncooked food for them to cook for themselves. Some of the Salaf used to do this and there are some like Anas Ibn Mālik who, when he got old, would prepare food and gather 30 people at the end of Ramaḍān and feed them all…

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[Taken From A special Ramaḍān Question and Answer session with Mpubs held for the sisters of Tobago on the 1st of Sha‘bān 1440 (7th April 2019)]