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Article: Taking The Opportunity To Teach The People Attending The Masjid In Ramadhaan By Shaykh Dr. 'Ali bin Yahya al-Hadaadee

Written by mpubs.org manager. Posted in Ramadhaan

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On Friday 2nd June, 2017 our Noble Shaykh Dr. 'Alī bin Yaḥya al-Ḥadādi (حفظه الله) delivered a LIVE Tele-Lecture entitled, “An Encouragment For Those Who Are Strange In The Lands of The West” with Muwahhideen Publications, after which he was asked the following question:

Question: As the Month of Ramaḍān has entered and we pray ṣalātul tarawīḥ and ṣalātul jumʾah, there are many people who attend the Masjid that may not return outside the month of Ramaḍān. Can we take advantage of this opportunity to teach those individuals who don't usually attend the Masjid? For example, before or after ṣalātul ʿishāʾ or during tarawīḥ; can we deliver a short talk in order to encourage them? This is because they are present in the Masjid, but after Ramaḍān we do not see them.