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Article: Hasten To Make Up Your Missed Fasts From The Previous Ramadhaan Before The New Ramadhaan Commences by Shaykh Khalid Dhafeeree

Written by mpubs.org manager 2. Posted in Ramadhaan

MPlogo redThe following is a translation of part of a short clip by Shaykh Khālid Ḍaḥwī aẓ-Ẓafīrī (حفظه الله) where he highlights the importance of hastening to make up missed fasts before Ramaḍān commences. This article was translated by our brother Musa Shaleem Mohammed (حفظه الله).

~ Pivotal Quote ~

"Therefore, upon the father and the husband is to remind his wife and children about making up missed fasts since many people are negligent and forgetful so much so that (the new) Ramaḍān commences (and they do not make up their missed fast), thus resulting from this procrastination and negligence is a punishment and a penalty."