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Article: Cleanse Your Heart by Shaykh Bandar al-Khaybaree

Written by mpubs.org manager. Posted in Raqaa'iq

MPlogo redOn Wednesday 15th of Rabī al-Awwal 1438 (14th December 2016), in our weekly class in the explanation of the book, “The Book of Major Sins” by Shaykh ul Islām Muḥammad ibn ‘AbdilWahhāb, our noble Shaykh Bandar al-Khaybarī (اللهحفظه ) brought an amazing benefit regarding the condition of the Muslim and his heart.

~ Pivotal Quote ~

"Allāh does not look at the face, rather Allāh looks at the heart. And it is befitting for the Muslim who want his own salvation to rush to cleanse his heart."


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