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Audio: Adoption in Islaam - Its Ruling & Conditions

Written by mpubs.org manager. Posted in Women

A question was posed to the noble Shaykh 'Abdul 'Azeez al-Bura'ee (May Allaah preserve him) concerning aborting a child in pregnancy due to fear of poverty, which he expressed in detail the impermissibilty of this action in Islaam (Click Here to Listen to - Abortion Due to Fear of Poverty). The woman then followed up her enquiry by asking the ruling on putting the child up for adoption.

This series of questions include:

"Is it a condition for the adopted family to be relatives of the child?"

"Is it a condition for the apodted family to be Muslim?"

Listen/Download 7:25 mins. (Arabic & English)


[Q]: If such abortion is impermissible, would it be permissible for her after delivering the child to offer up this child for adoption to a family that will take care of this child? And if this is permissible then what are the rulings that surround and govern this adoption. May Allaah reward you Shaykh.

[A]:The Shaykh (May Allaah preserve him) responded:

After she gives birth, she finds a family that is willing to adopt this child, whether by supporting the child while the child remains with her, by offering her a regular stipend i.e. a regular amount in support, or by taking the child in their home. If they take the child to their house and they breast feed this child, then this is good, because then the child becomes their son or their daughter; however, if they do not breast feed the child then there is also no harm in this, and they may keep the child until the child reaches the age where it is obligatory for the women of the household to wear hijab in front of him and then the child must go back to his biological family, as long as this is something that is agreed to amongst them, then there is no harm in this.

[Q]: Is it a must that this family that will take in this child be relatives to the child, or can any Muslim family take this child in?

[A]: It is not necessary that they be relatives to the child provided that the child’s lineage and family name is preserved, such that the child retains his original name i.e. his father’s name and that this name is not changed whether in school documentation or any other such official papers.

[Q]:Is it a condition that this family be a muslim family?

[A]: Indeed this is a condition, without a doubt. This child should not be placed with non-Muslims. How could the child of a non-Muslim family be placed with non-Muslims? This child will then grow in accordance with this environment. This environment that is not Islamic will affect the child. Indeed they must be Muslims and practicing Muslims at that, not Muslims that are affected by the cultural invasion, or who have experienced loosening of their morality or their religion. If the child is placed with an impious family, he will grow up not praying. This child will not be observing their prays or perhaps will be infatuated or in love with sins and vices, or perhaps he will grow up thinking it is a normal thing to mingle with non-muslims, or to mingle with women who are improperly dressed or women that are not observing their hijab. It must be a good, pious, and practicing family because this child is the apple of his parents’ eye and such a child cannot just be dismissed or neglected or given to any family.

[taken from a tele-link Q&A session with Shaykh 'Abdul-'Azeez al-Bura'ee (hafidhahullaah) and the brothers at Mpubs, Tobago on July 7th 2010]

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