And Among His Signs Are The Difference of Your Languages and Colours by Shaykh Muṣṭafā Mubram



Product Description

Speaker: Shaykh Mustafa Mubram الشيخ مصطفى مبرم

Country of Speaker: Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية

Category: Methodology منهج

Date: 1st June 2020 CE  

Arabic & English – Length: [79:45] Minutes

Points Covered By The Shaykh

  • A Detailed Explanation of The Verse 49:13 From Sūrah Al-Ḥujurāt
  • The Three Categories of People Whom Allāh Address In The Qu’rān
  • A Detailed Definition Regarding The Terms “Tribes & Nations” In The Verse
  • The Wisdoms & Purposes of Allāh Making People Into Different Tribes & Nations
  • Statements From The Salaf Regarding The Terms Tribes & Nations
  • The Forbiddance of Bragging About One’s Lineage, Country, Language & Nationality
  • The Importance of Knowing One’s Lineage
  • Narrations Regarding The Impermissibility of Boasting About One’s Lineage
  • A Detailed Explanation Regarding The Original of Humankind
  • The Signs of Allāh Within The Creation
  • The Forbiddance of Racism In The Religion of Islām
  • The Benefits of Getting To Know One Another
  • A Detailed Explanation Regarding The Impermissibility of Killing The Disbelivers
  • The Only Distinguishing Factor Allāh & His Messenger Has Legislated
  • A Detailed Explanation Regarding The Most Noble In Sight of Allāh
  • Fruits of Having Taqwá
  • Narrations From Salaf Regarding How Taqwá Raises A Person

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