Pandemics and Their Legislated Sharīʿah Position by Shaykh Dr. ʿAbdullah ibn Sulfīq aẓ-Ẓafīrī



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The following is a translation done by Muwahhideen Publications of a Friday sermon given by the Noble Shaykh Dr. ʿAbdullah ibn Sulfīq aẓ-Ẓafīrī (حفظه الله) on Friday 18th Rajab 1441. This Khutbah was translated by our brother Abu Afnaan Muhammad ‘Abdullah (May Allah Preserve him) with the explicit permission and approval of Shaykh ʿAbdullah ibn Sulfīq aẓ-Ẓafīrī (حفظه الله)

A Beneficial Excerpt:

O servants of Allāh, all of you see how this pandemic, this sickness, has spread like wildfire throughout the world. You have no protection from this except with Allāh, the Most High, Who is free from any imperfection. The servants have nothing to remove them from this (situation) except Allāh, the Most High. The industrialized countries that are greatly developed concerning their manufacturing of machinery/appliances, etc. as well as their advances in medicine have also been affected by this pandemic. It has spread amongst their citizenry as well, yet they were not able to avoid this and prevent it from spreading amongst them, their children and their societies.

Return to Allāh and seek refuge with Allāh. Raise your palms in supplication repenting to Allāh, the Most High who is free from any deficiency or imperfection, as our Lord is the Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. 

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