Co-operating Upon Righteousness and Taqwá Between The Sisters and Examples of That by Shaykh Dr. ‘Arafāt al-Muḥammadῑ



Product Description

Name of Speaker: Shaykh Dr. ʿArafāt ibn Ḥasan al-Muḥammadῑ  الشيخ د. عرفات بن حسن المحمدي

Country of Speaker: Saudi Arabia المملكة العربية السعودية

Category: Women النساء

Date: 8th Sha’baan, 1441 AH (2nd April 2020 CE)  

Length: [66:04] Minutes [Arabic/English]

Points Covered in the Lecture:

  • The Importance Regarding Co-Operating Upon Righteousness & Piety Between The Sisters
  • Textual Evidences From The Qur’ān & Sunnah Regarding Co-Operating Upon Righteousness & Piety
  • The Definitions & And Detailed Explanations of Al-Birr & At-Taqwá (Righteousness & Piety)
  • A Detailed Explanation Concerning The Command From Allāh of Possessing Piety & Righteousness
  • The Fruits of Possessing Righteousness & Piety
  • The Importance of Having Taqwá Publicly & Privately
  • Allāh’s Honour For His Believing Servants
  • The Tremendous Responsibility of The Woman Within Her Home
  • The Virtues of The Woman Establishing Her Prayers Within Her Home
  • Textual Evidences Regarding The Establishment of The Woman’s Prayer Within Her Home
  • An Explanation Concerning The Command For The Woman To Keep Within Her Home
  • The Virtues & Goodly Outcomes Regarding The Woman Keeping Within Her Home
  • An Explanation Regarding Patience
  • The Fruits of Having Patience Concerning Raising One’s Children
  • The Hardships & Struggles of The Woman
  • The Responsibilty of The Woman Beginning Her Daw’ah At Home
  • The Importance Placed Upon The Woman Raising & Cultivating Her Children Upon A Righteous Upbringing
  • The Woman’s Trust Towards Her Children & Her Husband
  • The Woman’s Main Focus
  • The Woman’s Role In Society
  • The Fruits of The Woman Producing Righteous Children
  • Examples From Salaf Whom Had Righteous Mothers
  • The Importance Placed Upon The Woman In Regards To Seeking Knowledge
  • The Virtues of Knowledge
  • The Woman’s Attention Towards Memorizing & Studying The Qur’ān
  • The Woman Benefiting From The Modern Day Technology Within Her Home

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