Explanation of The Laamiyyah Poem of Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah taught by Shaykh Salaah Kantush



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Speaker: Shaykh Salaah Kantush الشيخ صلاح كنتوش العدني

Country of Speaker: Yemen اليمن

Category: Aqeedah العقيدة

Download / Listen [36:30 Mins]  تحميل / استماع – Class 01 – 22.02.2020

[Text of The Poem Covered]:

1. O one who asks about my doctrine and creed. Certainly, bestowed with guidance is he who asks for guidance

2. Listen to the speech of one who has ascertained the truth of his statement. Without departing from it nor replacing it (with something else)

3. Loving the Companions, all of them (without exception) is for me a (school of) doctrine. And love of the nearest ones (the Ahl al-Bayt) do I seek as a means of nearness (to Allāh)

[Points Covered by The Shaykh In This Lesson]:

  • A Short Biography of Shaykh al Islām Ibn Taymiyyah
  • Explanation of The Significance of The Text
  • Shaykh al Islām Ibn Taymiyyah’s Open Expression of His Creed
  • Important Points For The Salafī
  • The Difference Between A Sunnī and An Innovator
  • The Secret Affairs of A Innovator
  • The Explanation of True Guidance Received From Allāh
  • The Importance of Loving The Companions
  • The Great Virtues of The Companions
  • The Evil Outcomes Which Results From Not Taking Knowledge From The Companions
  • The Three Types of Tawassal (Seeking Nearness To Allāh) Mentioned By The Scholars

Download / Listen [42:26 Mins]  تحميل / استماع – Class 02 – 29.02.2020

[Text of The Poem Covered]:

3. And every one of them has a station and a shining excellence. However, amongst them [Abū Bakr] al-Ṣiddīq is the most excellent.

4. And I say regarding the Qur’ān (only) that which has come. [In its] verses, for it is the Noble Revelation.

5. And I say, “Allāh, the Mighty and Majestic said.” [And likewise] “the Chosen One (the Prophet) [said],” and I do not explain away (their speech).

6. And all the verses of the attributes I pass them on. In truth, just as the first (and best of generations)[without explaining them away].

[Points Covered by The Shaykh In This Lesson]:

  • The Explanation of The Text
  • The Virtues & Excellence of The Companions
  • The Different Stations of The Noble Companions
  • Qu’rānic Evidences Regarding The Virtues of The Companions
  • Narrations From The Sunnah Concerning The Virtues & Status of The Noble Companions
  • The Virtues, Status & Excellence of Abū Bakr as-Ṣiddīq
  • A Detailed Explanation Regarding The Muslim’s Belief of The Noble Qur’ān
  • Important Foundations For All Muslims
  • The Criteria To Use When Understanding The Qur’ān & The Sunnah

Download / Listen [46:29 Mins]  تحميل / استماع – Class 03 – 07.03.2020

[Text of The Poem Covered]:

7. And all the verses of the attributes I pass them on. In truth, just as the first (and best of generations) have transmitted [without explaining them away]

8. And I return the obligatory responsibility towards them to those who transmitted them (intact). And I protect them from all that is imagined (with respect to their realities)

9. Disgrace for the one who threw the Qur’ān behind his back. And when asked to provide evidence, says, “al-Akhtal [the Christian] said!”

10. And the Believers will see their Lord in Truth (in the Hereafter). And to the heaven does He descend without (designating) a how

11. And I affirm the Scales and the Pool which I hope to be (amongst those) whose thirst will quenched (by it)

[Points Covered by The Shaykh In This Lesson]:

  • A Detailed Explanation of The Points From The Text
  • The Explanation Regarding The Principles Concerning Allāh’s Attributes
  • The Importance of Protecting The Chain of Narrations
  • The Warning Against Disregarding The Proper Methodology of Seeking Evidences For One’s Belief
  • The Evil Intentions & Dangers of The People of Innovation
  • The Belief of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jamā’ah Regarding Seeing Allāh In Hereafter
  • The Greatest Affair For The Believer
  • The Different Beliefs Regarding Seeing Allāh In Hereafter From The Innovated Groups
  • Qur’ānic Evidences Concerning Seeing Allāh In Hereafter
  • Prophetic Evidences Regarding Seeing Allāh In Hereafter
  • The ‘Aqīdah of Ahl as-Sunnah Concerning Allāh’s Descention To The Lowest Heavens Every Night
  • Ahl as-Sunnah’s Belief Regarding The Scales On The Day of Judgment
  • Ahl as-Sunnah’s Belief Concerning The Ḥawḍ (The Pool)
  • The Description of The Ḥawḍ
  • Evidences Regarding The Ḥawḍ
  • The Most & Least of The People Deserving To Drink From The Ḥawḍ

Download / Listen [33:39 Mins]  تحميل / استماع – Class 04 – 21.03.2020

[Text of The Poem Covered]:

12. And likewise (I affirm) the Bridge extended over Hellfire (over which all will pass). So (either) one made safe (and) delivered (or) another forsaken (who will fall)

13. And the wretched one will be burned in the Fire by Divine wisdom. And likewise (by Divine wisdom) the pious one will enter Gardens

14. And every mentally-sound living person will have in his grave. His deeds to accompany him and for which he will be questioned

15. This is the creed of al-Shāfi’ī and Mālik. And Abū Hanīfah and then Aḥmad which has been transmitted

16. So if you follow their path, then success have you been granted. And if you innovate then no support (whatsoever) do you have.

[Points Covered by The Shaykh In This Lesson]:

  • The Explanation of The Text
  • The Belief of  Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jamā’ah Regarding The Bridge Extended Over The Hellfire
  • Narrations Regarding The Bridge
  • Descriptions of The Bridge & It’s Realities
  • Events On Day of Judgment
  • An Explanation Regarding Allāh’s Perfect Wisdom
  • The Reward & The Recompose For The Righteous & Evil Doer
  • Texual Proof Regarding The Righteous & Evil Doer
  • A Description & An Explanation Concerning The Questioning In The Grave
  • Textual Proof Regarding The Questioning of  The Grave
  • The Importance of Following The Prophet & His Companions

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