Supporting The Oppressed by Shaykh Zakariyyah ibn Shuʿayb al-ʿAdanī



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Name of Speaker: Shaykh Zakariyyah ibn Shuʿayb al-ʿAdanī للشيخ زكريا بن شعيب العدني 

Country of Speaker: Yemen اليمن

Category: Methodology المنهج

Date: 14th Safar, 1442 AH (2nd October, 2020 CE)  الجمعة الرابع عشر من صفر ;١٤٤٢

Points Covered by The Shaykh:

  • Aiding the oppressed is a Universal Principle that is implemented even by the disbelievers and Arabs in the time of Jāhiliyyah.
  • What is our obligation as Muslims towards those who have been oppressed in their wealth, blood and honor.
  • The Shaykh (حفظه الله تعالى) mentioned several pacts and agreements that were observed by Quraish in aiding the oppressed in the time of Jāhiliyah including the well known Ḥilf Al-Fuḍūl, aka Ḥilf Al-Muṭayyibīn (The pact of the Good Guys).
  • How Muḥammad (ﷺ) was the most eager to help those who were oppressed.
  • The explanation of several aḥādīth forbidding oppression and encouraging the Muslim to aid his Muslim brothers, including: “help your brother whether he is an oppressor or he is oppressed.”
  • Brotherhood in Islām should not be limited to mere lip service but requires action.
  • The immense reward for those who help and defend those who have been oppressed.
  • Helping the oppressed brings about The Vast Mercy of Allāh (سبحانه و تعالى) and is one of the most beloved acts of worship to Allāh (سبحانه و تعالى).
  • The fact that if Muslims do not aid each other and help those who are oppressed, there will be widespread fitnah throughout the earth.

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