The Disease of Nationalism by Shaykh Dr. Asʿad ibn Fatiḥī al-Zaʿtarī



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Name of Speaker: Shaykh Dr. Asʿad ibn Fatiḥī al-Zaʿtarī الشيخ د. أسعد بن فتحي الزعتري 

Country of Speaker: Palestine فلسطين

Category: Manhaj المنهج

Date: 12th Dhu al-Qaʿdah, 1441 AH (3rd July, 2020 CE)  الثاني عشر من ذو القعدة ١٤٤١

Points Covered by The Shaykh:

  • A Detailed Explanation Regarding Nationalism
  • The Ruling of Nationalism In The Sharī’ah
  • The Reality of Nationalism
  • An Explanation Regarding The Permissible Love For Ones Country & It’s People
  • The False Principles of Nationalism
  • The Divisions of Nationalist Movements
  • The Different Cover Names For Nationalism
  • The Importance of Brotherhood In Islām
  • The Obligation Upon The Muslims To Call To Islām
  • The Main Objective In A Muslim’s Life
  • A Detailed Explanation Concerning The Only Distinguishing Factor Allāh & His Messenger Has Legislated
  • The Forbiddance of Bragging About One’s Lineage, Country, Language & Nationality
  • A Detailed Explanation Regarding The Most Noble In Sight of Allah
  • Allāh’s Raising of Certain Individuals • Fruits of Having Taqwá
  • The Obligation of Seeking Knowledge • The Importance of Seeking Knowledge

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