The Reality of The Strangers and Their Characteristics by Shaykh ʿAbdAlGhanī al-ʿOūwīsāt



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Speaker: Shaykh ‘AbdulGhanee al-‘Uwaysaat الشيخ عبدالغني عويسات

Country of Speaker: Algeria الجزائر

Category:  ‘Manhaj منهج

Date: 1st Dhul Qa’idah (22nd June 2020) أول ذي القاعدة 1441

[Points Covered by The Shaykh]

  • A Detailed Explanation Regarding The Reality of The Strangers & Their Characteristics
  • Textual Evidences From Sunnah Regarding The Reality of The Strangers
  • Narrations From The Salaf Regarding The Strangers
  • The Importance Concerning Holding On To Religion of Islām
  • Detailed Descriptions From The Salaf Regarding Who Are The Strangers
  • A Detailed Explanation Concerning The Strangest Found Within Islām
  • The Signs of Prophethood
  • The Explanation Regarding The Splitting of The Ummah Into 73 Sects
  • The Glad Tidings For The Strangers In This Life & The Next
  • The Means Towards Gaining Firmness Upon The Religion
  • The Categories of The Strangers
  • The Conditions of The Strangers
  • The Characteristics of The Strangers
  • Reasons For Deviation From The Correct Path
  • Reasons Why Islām Would Return As Something Strange
  • The Virtues of The Scholars
  • The Beauty of Being A Stranger In The Religion
  • The Strength of The Believer Found In Being A Stranger
  • The Obligation Upon The People of Sunnah

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